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It is highly recommended to have other options available for lighting other than relying on the camp fire. If you are not camping at a caravan park you will have to provide your own source of light

There are a wide range of options available including gas, electric, fuel and others but you can't go past the latest technology of LED lighting. The latest in LED bulb technology provides a brighter beam and a longer lasting life span of up to 100,000 hours.

Camping Flashlights

LED flashlights are extremely popular around the world due to the fact that many of them are made from lightweight aluminium and last for a long period of time on a single charge.

The ideal LED flashlight for camping & hiking would have a brightness of between 300 & 1000 lumens which would cast a beam distance of up to 330 yards ( 300 mtrs ). The majority of LED flashlights have different features such as:

  • Low, mid and high brightness levels.
  • Zoomable from a pencil beam to a wide beam
  • Flashing & strobe mode for emergencies


Popular Camping Gear - LED FLASHLIGHTS

LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight 2 PACK

# Long Lasting Ultra Bright LED Light

#5 Light Modes # Portable, Zoomable, Water & Shock Resistant

# 6.2"x1"x1.5" # 5.28oz

Customer Review Rating 4.8

J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright Flashlight

# Super Bright 300 Lumens LED Flashlight

# 3 Modes - High, Low, Strobe # Adjustable Focus

# Heavy Duty, Compact # Light Beam up to 600 feet

Customer Review Rating 4.6

PeakPlus LED Flashlight 5 Modes Rechargeable Battery and Charger

# 1000 Lumens # 5 Modes # Beam Range: 200 to 500 Mtrs

# Rechargable Battery & Charger # 5.3"x1.6"x1.1" # aluminium Alloy Frame#

Customer Review Rating 4.5

Gugou 3 Mode 10000 Lumens XM-L T6 LED Flashlight

# 10LED 10000lumens

# Power Source: 4x 3.7V 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

# 5.24"x2.32"x1.97" # 12.52oz # Aircraft grade Aluminum Alloy

Customer Review Rating 4.0


Camping Lanterns

Although not a must have option for your camping gear, a lantern will provide a good light for your base camp. They are also very handy in the tent if you like to read a little at night or if you need to go for a walk during the night.

Some of the LED lanterns on the market today provide over 140 hours of light on a single charge such as the Tough Light Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern and the Brightest LED Camping Lantern

There is nothing better than having a lantern around, especially if you have been fishing or hiking until late in the day and you need to set up camp or prepare a meal under the cover of darkness.


Popular Camping Gear - LED CAMPING LANTERNS

Tough Light Rechargeable LED Camping Lanterns

# 200 hours of light from a single charge

# Camping & Emergency Light with Cell Phone Charger

# 2 Year Warranty # 400 Super Bright Lumens

Customer Review Rating 4.6 

Brightest Camping & Hurricane LED Camping Lanterns

# 500 Lumen # Runs Up to Six Days Continuously

# Long Lasting! Powered up to 140 hours on three D batteries (not incl)

# 7"x4""x4" # 15 oz.

Customer Review Rating 4.7

Etekcity 4 Pack Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns Collapsible

# Best Seller in Outdoor Tabletop Lanterns

# Foldaway Handles  # Batteries Included

# Low consumption with up to 12 Hours of regular continuous use 

Customer Review Rating 4.8

Vont Bright 2 Pack LED Camping Lanterns Collapsible

# 30 different individual premium LEDs

# Maximum brightness whilst maintaining a super long battery life

#Over 12 hours of lighting

Customer Review Rating 4.8



Camping Headlamps

LED Headlamps are one of the most indispensable items on any camping trip. They are lightweight, easier to use than a flashlight and will last for hours.

Every person should have a LED Flashlight and or LED Camping Headlamp when they are camping. The latest in LED bulb technology provides brighter and longer lasting light which is ideal, especially if you are wandering around the camp or need to go to the toilet during the night.


Popular Camping Gear - LED CAMPING HEADLAMPS

LED Camping Headlamps 4 Modes Camping & Hiking Batteries Included

## # # 4 Modes- 3 Levels of White Light and a RED Flashing Mode

# Lightweight & 90° Adjustable # 2.85oz # Wide Elastic Adjustable Head Band

Customer Review Rating 4.2

5000Lm LED Camping Headlamp 4 Mode Rechargeable Batteries & Charger

# Waterproof 5000 Lumens # 4 Modes Hands Free # 9oz

# Includes Charges & Batteries # Adjustable 90° # Easily Adjustable Head Strap

Customer Review Rating 4.4

LED Camping Headlamps 3 Modes Rechargeable & Charges with USB

# Wall Charger, Car Charger, USB Cable # 3 Modes # 1.1 lbs

# Zoomable, Adjustable, Durable & Hands Free # Brightness Level 1800 Lumens

Customer Review Rating 4.4 

6000 Lumen LED Camping Headlamps Rechargeable Batteries

# Powerful 6000 Lumens Bright Light # Zoomable

# 4 Modes - Low, Middle, High, Flashing

# Up to 20 Hours on Brightest Level # Adjustable to 90°

Customer Review Rating 4.6