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Camping Gear Check List:


Camping Tents


Choosing a camping tent is one of the most important decisions you can make when investing in camping gear. You need to get this right because being cold, wet or cramped in your camping tent is not very enjoyable.


Some of the options to consider are as follows.


1. Capacity or Size

2. Conditions

3. Rain Fly

4. Tarps & Footprints

5. Ventilation


For  more detailed information on camping tent options please refer to the Camping Tent Page




Coleman Sundome Two Person Camping Tents

Dimensions -7'x5' Weight -6.4lbs

Customer Review Rating 4.6

Best Selling Two-Three Person Camping Tents



Wilderness Lodge Four Person Camping Tents

Dimensions 9'x7'

Customer Review Rating 4.4

Best Selling Four Person Camping Tents



Coleman Instant Cabin Six Person Camping Tents

Dimensions 10'"x9'x6'H - Weight 12.6lbs

Customer Review Rating 4.3

Best Selling Six Person Camping Tents



Coleman Tenaya Lake Instant Cabin Eight Person Camping Tents

Dimensions - 14'x10' Weight - 86.5lbs

Customer Review Rating 4.1

Best Selling Eight Person Camping Tents



Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Camping Tents

Dimensions - 20'x10'/6.5'H Weight - 31.4lbs

Customer Review Rating 4.5

Best Selling Family Person Camping Tents



12'x9' Canvas Cabin Tent

 Spacious 7.5 ft peak ceiling height and steep walls for stand-up walk around comfort # Large D-shaped front door and side entry # Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas # Sturdy frame reinforced with welded corner braces # 5 Large windows with no-see-um mesh # Approx. Weight: 112 lbs. (Includes tent, poles, stakes, and storage bags).

Best Selling Kodiak Canvas Camping Tents


Sleeping Gear For Camping

Along with the camping tent, your sleeping gear is the most important part of your camping gear. Depending on each individual the sleeping gear can consist of a wide range of options from sleeping bags, sleeping pads and sleeping mattresses to camping swags, camping cots and camp stretchers as well as hammocks and camping pillows.


Camp Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are another essential part of your camping gear. When looking through the wide range of sleeping bags that are available you will find that there are a number of options to consider.


1. Temperature Rating

2. Shape & Style

3. Insulation

For  more detailed information on camping tent options please refer to the Sleeping Bag Page



TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C -25F Winter Sleeping Bags

Temperature Rating -25F

Weight 9.5lbs

Dimensions 90"x36"

Shape: Rectangular

Customer Review Rating 4.7





Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather Three Season Sleeping Bags

Temperature Rating 15F

Weight 9.35 lbs

Suits to 6'6"

Shape: Semi Rectangular

Customer Review Rating 4.7

Best Selling Sleeping Bags




Camp Sleeping Pads



If you want a good and warm nights sleep it is important to insulate yourself from the cold ground by adding a good camp sleeping pad or to your camping gear.

Camp sleeping pads serve two functions. Firstly they cushion your body from the hard and rocky ground, and secondly and more importantly, they provide insulation between you and the colder ground. They are essential to maintaining your body heat during the night by checking the conductive heat loss that the colder ground would normally absorb.

There are a great range of camping air mattresses and pads to choose from with the self inflating sleeping pads being best for both insulation and convenience. Once you use self inflating sleeping pads it is all that you will ever use. Sure, they may be more expensive, but they are worth it as they are very convenient, provide excellent insulation and will last a long time.

Self inflating sleeping pads are made of open cell foam that self inflate when you open the air valves. All you then need to do is close the air valves to be ready for a good nights sleep. When you are packing up just reopen the air valves, roll the mattress up from the bottom to squeeze the air out and close the valves.





Thermarest LuxuryMap Mattress Self Inflating Sleeping Pads

Large Size 77"x25"x3"

Weight 4.18 lbs 

Self Inflating

Customer Review Rating 4.7

Best Selling Sleeping Pads




Camping Swags, Camp Stretchers & Camp Cots

Other alternatives for sleeping in the outdoors are swags and camping stretchers.

Camping Swags are an alternative to tents and are available as a single swag or double swag. The hallmark of a swag is it's simplicity, durability and ease of use, as they only take a few minutes to unroll and pack up. They are made of reinforced cotton canvas and mesh as well as providing comfort with a high density foam mattress to support the torso.










Camping Chairs

Good comfortable camping chairs would not be classed as essential, but believe me you will be happy that you had included them as part of your camping gear as you will probably be spending a bit of time relaxing around the camp.

There are a wide variety of camping chairs available to suit every occasion including camping, fishing, sporting events or even just to use in your backyard.




KingCamp Lumbar Support Lightweight Deluxe Comfortable Camping Chairs

Weight 11.3 lbs

Dimensions 23.6"x23.6"x41.3"

Cooler & Armrest

Seat height 18.5"

Customer Review Rating 4.3

Best Selling Camping Chairs


Camp Kitchens & Camp Tables

It is really convenient to have a table or camp kitchen setup to prepare and cook your camping meals. This would provide an ideal place to keep your stove and other camp kitchen items which will free the picnic table for eating and visitors.

There will also be plenty of occasions that you will be camping where you will have to BYOT. That is, bring your own table. If you don't need it you can simply leave it in the vehicle, but believe me you will be happy that you had it just in case.


Coleman Pack Away Deluxe Camp Kitchen

# Great Camp Kitchen # 74.5"x64"x20"

# 24.2 lbs # Folds to 39.5"x20"x7"

# Side table for stove # Removable sink basin

# Heavy duty steel frame # Customer Review Rating 4.2


Camp Kitchen Trekology Camp Table with Aluminium Table Top

# Compact, lightweight & portable

# 22" x 18'', 16'' # 3.5lb # Load 50 lbs # Easy Setup

# Aluminum table top is weather-resist and easy to clean

Customer Review Rating 4.6

Best Selling Camp Kitchens & Camp Tables




Camping Stoves & Grills

Camping stoves, grills and portable BBQ's are the most popular forms of cooking on a camping trip.

Propane Camping Stoves are convenient and easier to start than other stoves with the propane gas can fitting either directly into the stove or through a fixed hose which is secured to the camping stove. There are a massive range of camping stoves available with two or three burner camping stoves the most popular.




Coleman Classic Propane Camping Stoves

# Two 10,000 BTU burners # 2 independently adjustable burners

# Fits a 12" & 10" pan at the same time

# # 23.25"x5.5"x14.75" (W x H x D)

Customer Review Rating 4.5


Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Camping Stove Grill

# No.1 in outdoor camping grills # Grill area 285 sq"

# 20,000 BTUs of cooking power

# Easy to transport, compact, collapsible, wheels

Customer Review Rating 4.4

Best Selling Camping Stoves & Camping Grills

There are a number of different camping grills available if you would sooner cook over the camp fire. But if there is a total fire ban you are better off going with the camping stoves or portable BBQ's instead of camping grills.

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grills are easy to transport and also fold to a compact size. They have a large cooking area with two porcelain coated grill plates included with the option of a wide variety of accessories. The portable grills are powered by propane gas cylinders with a setup similar to the camping stoves.

Camp Ovens & Cast Iron Cookware




Lodge L5HS3 5 Piece Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Set

# Set includes: 10.5" round griddle, 8" skillet, 10.25" skillet,

5-Qt. Dutch oven and 10.25" iron cover

# Pre-Seasoned and ready to use

Customer Review Rating 4.7


Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Camp Dutch Oven Pre-Seasoned 5 Quart

# 5-QT Deep Camp Dutch Oven   # Also 8-Qt & 10-Qt

# Cast iron lid inverts for use as griddle

# 10"Dx5"D # Seasoned cast iron ready to use

Customer Review Rating 4.8

Best Selling Camp Ovens & Cast Iron Cookware





 Camp Lighting

It is highly recommended to have other options available for lighting other than relying on the camp fire. If you are not camping at a caravan park you will have to provide your own source of light

There are a wide range of options available including gas, electric, fuel and others but you can't go past the latest technology of LED lighting. The latest in LED bulb technology provides a brighter beam and a longer lasting life span of up to 100,000 hours.



Camping Flashlights

LED flashlights are extremely popular around the world due to the fact that many of them are made from lightweight aluminium and last for a long period of time on a single charge.

The ideal LED flashlight for camping & hiking would have a brightness of between 300 & 1000 lumens which would cast a beam distance of up to 330 yards ( 300 mtrs ). The majority of LED flashlights have different features such as:

  • Low, mid and high brightness levels.
  • Zoomable from a pencil beam to a wide beam
  • Flashing & strobe mode for emergencies



LuxPower Tactical V1000 LED Flashlight 2 PACK

# Long Lasting Ultra Bright LED Light

#5 Light Modes # Portable, Zoomable, Water & Shock Resistant #

6.2"x1"x1.5" # 5.28oz

Customer Review Rating 4.8

Best Selling Flashlights



Camping Lanterns

 Although not a must have option for your camping gear, a lantern will provide a good light for your base camp. They are also very handy in the tent if you like to read a little at night or if you need to go for a walk during the night.

Some of the LED lanterns on the market today provide over 140 hours of light on a single charge such as the Tough Light Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern and the Brightest LED Camping Lantern

There is nothing better than having a lantern around, especially if you have been fishing or hiking until late in the day and you need to set up camp or prepare a meal under the cover of darkness.




Tough Light Rechargeable LED Camping Lanterns

# 200 hours of light from a single charge

# Camping & Emergency Light with Cell Phone Charger

# 2 Year Warranty # 400 Super Bright Lumens

Customer Review Rating 4.6

Best Selling Camping Lanterns


Camping Headlamps

LED Headlamps are one of the most indispensable items on any camping trip. They are lightweight, easier to use than a flashlight and will last for hours.

Every person should have a LED Flashlight and or a LED Camping Headlamp when they are camping. The latest in LED bulb technology provides brighter and longer lasting light which is ideal, especially if you are wandering around the camp or need to go to for a walk during the night.



6000 Lumen LED Camping Headlamps Rechargeable Batteries

# Powerful 6000 Lumens Bright Light

# Zoomable # 4 Modes - Low, Middle, High, Flashing

# Up to 20 Hours on Brightest Level # Adjustable to 90°

Customer Review Rating 4.6

Best Selling Headlamps

 Camping & Hiking Tools

Camping tools are very handy addition to your camping gear for a quite a number of tasks around the camp. Some of the knives and tools to consider are a shovel, trowel, machete, knife, multi tool and a hatchet or small axe.

A shovel and trowel would be handy for digging holes, fixing and tending to the fire, banging in tent pegs and clearing your campsite. Also a nessessity if you need to go to for a walk in the bush as you will need to dig your temporary toilet facility.


A hatchet or axe could be an option for cutting tree branches and wood for the fire.

A heavy duty machete and saw would be useful for clearing your campsite , cutting wood for the camp fire as well as a variety of other uses.

Every camper and hiker should have at least one good knife and a multi tool of some description.



GERBER Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet

3.5" blade for swift, precise cuts + easy portability.

Ergonomic, non-slip rubber grip is secure in wet/dry conditions.

Mildew-resistant nylon sheath w/ belt loops for accessibility.

Wild tested, Bear Grylls approved. Lightweight: 1.4 lbs.


SOG Folding Shovel High Carbon steel Handle

Lightweight and compact folding shovel and pick. Tri-fold design for portability.

Comfortable, folding steel handle. Includes nylon carrying case w/ gear loops.

Overall length: 18.25-inches, Weight: 24.5 ounces, Lifetime Warranty.


Best Selling Camping & Hiking Tools



 First Aid Kit

An essential part of your camping gear for obvious reasons. You may never need to use it but better to have one on hand just in case. Always make sure it is well stocked especially with pressure bandages, bandaids, sunscreen, wipes, and insect repellent.



First Aid Only All-purpose First Aid Kit

Contains 299 physician-recommended supplies.

Full fledged First Aid softpack.

Medicine, antiseptics, bandages, injury treatments, and more.

Perfect for camping, backpacking. Kit Dimensions: 9-1/4"x7-1/2"x2-7/8"


Best Selling in First Aid