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Babe - The Legend Comes to Life

Babe Ruth is without a doubt the most famous character ever produced by the sport of baseball. A legendary player, world-famous for his hitting prowess, he transcended the sport to enter the mainstream of American life as an authentic folk hero. In this extraordinary biography, noted sportswriter Robert W. Creamer reveals the complex man behind the sports legend. From Ruth's early days in a Baltimore orphanage, to the glory days with the Yankees, to his later years, Creamer has drawn a classic portrait of an American original.



The Boys of Summer

This is a book about young men who learned to play baseball during the 1930s and 1940s, and then went on to play for one of the most exciting major-league ball clubs ever fielded, the team that broke the color barrier with Jackie Robinson. It is a book by and about a sportswriter who grew up near Ebbets Field, and who had the good fortune in the 1950s to cover the Dodgers for the Herald Tribune. This is a book about what happened to Jackie, Carl Erskine, Pee Wee Reese, and the others when their glory days were behind them.


Summer of '49

The year was 1949, and a war-weary nation turned from the battlefields to the ball fields in search of new heroes. It was a summer that marked the beginning of a sports rivalry unequaled in the annals of athletic competition. The awesome New York Yankees and the indomitable Boston Red Sox were fighting for supremacy of baseball's American League, and an aging Joe DiMaggio and a brash, headstrong hitting phenomenon named Ted Williams led their respective teams in a classic pennant duel of almost mythic proportions that would be decided on the last day of the season.


Teammate - My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages

In 2016 the Cubs snapped a 108-year curse, winning the World Series in a history-making, seven-game series against the Cleveland Indians. Of the many storylines to Chicago's fairytale season, one stood out: the late-career renaissance of David Ross, the 39-year-old catcher who had played back-up for 13 of his 15 pro seasons.

In Teammate, Ross shares the inspiring story of his life in baseball, framed by the events of that unforgettable November night.



Papi - My Story Hardcover - May 16 - 2017

David “Big Papi” Ortiz is a baseball icon and one of the most popular figures ever to play the game. As a key part of the Boston Red Sox for 14 years, David has helped the team win 3 World Series, bringing back a storied franchise from “never wins” to “always wins.”

n Papi, his ultimate memoir, Ortiz opens up as never before about his life in baseball and about the problems he sees in Major League Baseball, about former teammates, opponents, coaches, and executives, and about the weight of expectation whenever he stepped up to the plate.  

Lou - Lou Piniella - May 16 - 2017

In this candid, revealing, and entertaining memoir, the beloved New York Yankee legend looks back over his nearly fifty-year career as a player and a manager, sharing insights and stories about some of his most memorable moments and some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball.

For nearly five decades, Lou Piniella has been a fixture in Major League Baseball, as an outfielder with the legendary New York Yankees of the 1970s, and as a manager for five teams in both the American and National leagues.


42 Faith- The Rest of the Jackie Robinson Story - April 4 - 2017

Journalist and baseball lover Ed Henry reveals for the first time the backstory of faith that guided Jackie Robinson into not only the baseball record books but the annals of civil rights advancement as well.

With many baseball stories to enthrall even the most ardent enthusiast, 42 Faith also digs deep into why Jackie was the man he was and what both drove him and challenged him after his retirement. From his early years before baseball, to his time with Rickey and the Dodgers, to his failing health in his final years, we see a man of faith that few have recognized. 

The Phenomenon - Rick Ankiel - April 18 - 2017

The Pressure, the Yips, and the Pitch that Changed My Life.

The Phenomenon is the story of how St. Louis Cardinals prodigy Rick Ankiel lost his once-in-a-generation ability to pitch--not due to an injury or a bolt of lightning, but a mysterious anxiety condition widely known as "the Yips." It came without warning, in the middle of a playoff game, with millions of people watching. And it has never gone away. This book is an incredible story about what happened when a person on the brink had to make a choice about who he was going to be. 

Sports Illustrated Baseball's Greatest

Sports Illustrated's polled its Major League Baseball experts to determine the ultimate Top 10 in more than 20 categories. The rankings appear alongside stunning photography and classic stories from SI's archives. This is the best of the best in the major leagues, or, more simply, Baseball's Greatest. This superb collection of top ten lists would be a wonderful addition to your coffee table.




The Game- The Secret World of Major League Baseball's Power Brokers

This is the real story of baseball, played out against a tableau of stunning athletic feats, high-stakes public battles, and backroom political deals--with a supporting cast that includes Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire, Joe Torre and Derek Jeter, George Bush and George Mitchell, and many more.

Drawing from hundreds of extensive, exclusive interviews throughout baseball, The Game is a stunning achievement: a rigorously reported book and the must-read, fly-on-the-wall, definitive account of how an enormous struggle for power turns disaster into baseball's Golden Age.



Sports Books - BASKETBALL


LeBron James - The incredible story of LeBron James - April 3- 2017

This book covers the story of LeBron and his incredible journey to the NBA. You will soon discover how LeBron was able to rise from humble beginnings, to achieve NBA championship success. In detail, this book shares LeBron’s experiences playing High School basketball, his first NBA seasons with Cleveland, his time playing in the Olympics, his stint in Miami, and finally, his most recent success back playing for the Cavaliers. After reading this book you will have a good understanding of LeBron and his inspiring story, as well as what’s next for the NBA champion!


Return of the King- LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Greatest Comeback in NBA History

RETURN OF THE KING takes you onto the private planes, inside the locker-room conversations, and into the middle of the intense huddles where one of the greatest stories in basketball history took place, resulting in the Cavs winning the 2016 NBA title after trailing the Golden State Warriors three games to one.

Get the background on all the controversies, the rivalries, and the bad blood from two reporters who were there for every day as they take you through the fascinating ride that culminated in a heart stopping game 7.


Golden - The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry

Golden is the first book to provide an all-access look at Steph Curry and the team that has fueled Dub Nation—by longtime Warriors beat reporter and Bay Area News Group sports columnist Marcus Thompson, the go-to expert on all things Golden State.

With unprecedented access, Thompson draws from exclusive interviews with Steph Curry, his family, his teammates, Coach Steve Kerr, and the Warriors owners to bring readers inside the locker room and courtside with this remarkable athlete and man.


Michael Jordan - The Life

Drawing on personal relationships with Jordan's coaches; countless interviews with friends, teammates, family members, and Jordan himself; and decades in the trenches covering Jordan in college and the pros, Roland Lazenby provides the first truly definitive study of Jordan: the player, the icon, and the man.

But for all his greatness, there's also a dark side to Jordan: a ruthless competitor, a gambler. There's never been a biography that balanced these personas-until now.




Coach Wooden and Me - Our 50-Year Friendship On and Off the Court

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explores his 50-year friendship with Coach John Wooden, one of the most enduring and meaningful relationships in sports history. When Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was still an 18-year-old high school basketball prospect from New York City named Lew Alcindor, he accepted a scholarship from UCLA largely on the strength of Coach John Wooden's reputation as a winner. It turned out to be the right choice, as Alcindor and his teammates won an unprecedented three NCAA championship titles. But it also marked the beginning of one of the most extraordinary and enduring friendships in the history of sports.


Kyrie Irving- The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball's Most Versatile Point Guards

This unauthorized biography of Kyrie Irving highlights his quick ascent into the league as a brilliant passer and scorer. Kyrie Irving, often referred to as Uncle Drew, rivals Golden State Warrior Steph Curry in his incredible ability to control the basketball.

Kyrie is one of the best point guards in the NBA due to his court vision and ability to pass and score incredibly quickly. His agility is easily among the best in the NBA



Sports Illustrated Basketball's Greatest

Sports Illustrated has polled its basketball experts, including Jack McCallum, Chris Ballard, Alexander Wolff, Lee Jenkins, Ian Thomsen, Chris Mannix, and Mark Bechtel, to determine the Top 10 in more than 20 categories. The rankings appear alongside stunning photography and classic stories from SI's archives. This is the best of the best in the NBA, or, more simply, Basketball's Greatest.



The Legends Club

The riveting inside story of college basketball's fiercest rivalry among three coaching legends—University of North Carolina's Dean Smith, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, and North Carolina State's Jim Valvano—by the king of college basketball writers, #1 New York Times bestseller John Feinstein.

The Legends Club is a sports book that captures an era in American sport and culture, documenting the inside view of a decade of absolutely incredible competition.



Sports Books - BOXING


Iron Ambition- My Life with Cus D'Amato - Mike Tyson

In Tyson’s bestselling memoir Undisputed Truth, he recounts the role D’Amato played in his formative years, adopting him at age sixteen after his mother died and shaping him both physically and mentally after Tyson had spent years living in fear and poverty. In Iron Ambition, Tyson elaborates on the life lessons that D’Amato passed down to him, and reflects on how the trainer’s words of wisdom continue to resonate with him outside the ring. The book also chronicles Cus’s courageous fight against the mobsters who controlled boxing.



Sting Like a Bee-Muhammad Ali vs the United States of America

An insightful portrait of Muhammad Ali that centers on the cultural and political implications of Ali's refusal of service in the military—and the key moments in a life that was as high profile and transformative as any in the twentieth century. In 1966, after being drafted, he refused to join the military for religious and conscientious reasons, triggering a fight that was larger than any of his bouts in the ring. What followed was a period of legal battles, of cultural obsession, and in some ways of being the very embodiment of the civil rights movement located in the heart of one man.



Undisputed Truth - Mike Tyson

Bullied as a boy in the toughest, poorest neighborhood in Brooklyn, Tyson grew up to become one of the most ferocious boxers of all time and the youngest heavyweight champion ever. But his brilliance in the ring was often compromised by reckless behavior. Yet the man who once admitted being addicted “to everything” fought his way back, achieving triumphant success as an actor and newfound happiness and stability as a father and husband. Brutal, honest, raw, and often hilarious, Undisputed Truth is the singular journey of an inspiring American original.



The Greatest- My Own Story - Muhammad Ali

In his own words, the heavyweight champion of the world pulls no punches as he chronicles the battles he faced in and out of the ring in this fascinating memoir.This is a multifaceted portrait of Muhammad Ali only he could render: sports legend; unapologetic anti-war advocate; outrageous showman and gracious goodwill ambassador; fighter, lover, poet, and provocateur; an irresistible force to be reckoned with. Who better to tell the tale than the man who went the distance living it?




Smokin' Joe- The Autobiography - Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier was Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1970 to 1973 with his career record of 32-4-1 with 27 knockouts and an Olympic gold medal. Joe Frazier speaks about growing up poor to fighting in the first $2.5 million bout, about the early days of his friendship with Muhammad Ali and how their relationship changed and about the often corrupt world of boxing and what really went on inside and outside the ring. Packed with stories such as his thoughts on George Foreman, Don King, Mike Tyson and others, his training regimen and fight strategies and much more.



Larry Holmes Against The Odds

In 1998 Larry Holmes teamed up with sports writer Phil Berger to share his story in their book, "Larry Holmes Against The Odds". In a raw and vibrant manner, Larry Holmes told his rags to riches story of rising from an impoverished childhood to heavyweight champion of the world. Now, nearly 20 years later, this long out of print classic sports biography is available once again ... giving a new generation of readers an opportunity to get a closer look at one of the most important people in boxing history.



Once There Were Giants - The Golden Age of Heavyweight Boxing

A celebration and memorial of the greatest era of heavyweight fighters from 1962 to 1997, as witnessed ringside by an International Boxing Hall of Fame sportswriter. Acclaimed sportswriter Jerry Izenberg watched history as it was being made during those legendary days, witnessing fights like the Thrilla in Manila and the Rumble in the Jungle and preserving them in punchy yet tremendous prose. Once There Were Giants is his memorial to this extraordinary time, the likes of which we shall never see again.




Sports Books - CRICKET

Playing It My Way - My Autobiography - Sachin Tendulkar

The greatest run-scorer in the history of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013 after an astonishing 24 years at the top. The most celebrated Indian cricketer of all time, he received the Bharat Ratna Award—India's highest civilian honor—on the day of his retirement. Now Sachin Tendulkar tells his own remarkable story, from his first Test cap at the age of 16 to his 100th international century and the emotional final farewell that brought his country to a standstill. Now, for the first time, he provides a fascinating insight into his personal life and gives a frank, revealing account of a sporting life like no other.


Ponting - At the Close of Play

The number 1 bestseller in paperback. One of the greatest cricketers of all time, Ricky Ponting boasts more records than any other player in Australian history including the most wins as a player and a captain, as well as being Australia's highest run-scorer in test and ODI cricket. From childhood prodigy to the highs and lows of an extraordinary international career, At the Close of Play is the remarkable autobiography of one of the game's greats. But beyond the triumphs and scandals, records and retirement, this is the story of a life lived in cricket and of a life shaped by extraordinary talent and the people who believed in that talent.


Botham - My Autobiography -Don't Tell Kath

A completely revised and updated edition of the bestselling autobiography of cricketing legend Ian Botham, including his first hand insight into the 1999/2000 winter tour to South Africa. Ian Botham’s bestselling autobiography is an intriguing cocktail of sex and drugs allegations, personal upheavals, confrontations with his peers, and remarkable achievements both on and off the field. Includes his heroic deeds against the Aussies at Headingly in 1981, the dark clouds surrounding the court case with Imran Khan as well as walking half the length of the country for Leukaemia Research.


Botham's Century - My 100 great cricketing characters

One hundred colourful portraits of the cricketing characters whom Ian Botham has come into contact with during his eventful career and who have influenced the game for good during this time: from top players, umpires and coaches to pop stars, writers and philanthropists. Among the cast of characters who feature include cricketers such as Viv Richards, Brian Close, Shane Warne and Nasser Hussain, Umpire Dickie Bird and the late John Arlott, Mick Jagger, Nelson Mandela and Nick Faldo and many more who in Beefy’s opinion have been a positive influence in the game during his era.

Second Innings - My Sporting Life - Andrew Flintoff

Fast bowler, six-hitter, popular hero, one of the lads, king of the jungle - Andrew Flintoff is all of those things. Second Innings, is his searingly honest yet uplifting autobiography, Flintoff reveals unseen, surprising sides to his career and personality. We are taken backstage, seeing the mischief and adventure that has defined Andrew Flintoff's story. Above all, we observe the enduring power of fun, friendship and loyalty - the pillars of Flintoff's career. At ease with his faults as well as his gifts, Andrew Flintoff has sought one thing, even more than success: to be himself.


Shane Warne's Century - My Top 100 Test Cricketers

With a flamboyant approach to the game on and off the pitch, Australia's greatest bowler Shane Warne is an irresistible cricketing force. Here he candidly profiles 100 players from every Test nation who have had the most significant impact on his cricketing life. From fellow Australian legends Allan Border, Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, and Glen McGrath to adversaries such as Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Jonty Rhodes, and Freddie Flintoff, plus a dream team 11 of those Test players he would have loved to have played with. This a genuine page-turner by one of cricket’s most popular stars is a must-read for all cricket fans.


Brian Lara - An Unauthorised Biography

The most thrilling and controversial cricketer of his generation, Brian Lara is a hero to millions worldwide. A naturally attacking style and limitless scoring arc proved a recipe for some of the biggest and most compelling innings in cricket history. This new biography charts the influences that shaped Lara as a child batting prodigy, through an astonishing and turbulent career and onto his post-cricket life as businessman, benefactor and national icon. A new light is shed on this brilliant but complex man through interviews with former international players, coaches, teachers, neighbours, friends and family members.

Sir Vivian - The Definitive Autobiography

"Wisden Cricket Monthly" announced in May 1999 that Vivian Richards had been voted the best international cricketer of the past 25 years by his peers. Ian Botham came second and Shane Warne third. Both of them voted for Viv Richards. The most compelling and exciting batsman in the modern game, Viv Richards played for the West Indies from 1974 to 1991. He took over the captaincy from Clive Lloyd in 1985 and under his leadership West Indies became the most feared team in the world. Now, seven years after his retirement from the game, Viv Richards can tell his story without fear or favour for the first time.





Sports Books - CYCLING

Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die

Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die is the ninth addition to the bestselling Fifty Places series by Chris Santella. Biking has grown increasingly popular in recent years, as both a leisure and an extreme exercise activity, and Santella covers trips for cyclists of every level The 50 chapters capture the breathtaking vistas cyclists will enjoy around the world. As always, the places are brought to life with more than 40 stunning color photographs.



Le Tour de France - Official Story of the World's Greatest Cycle Race

Filled with features and fabulous images, this official celebration of the famed Tour de France is now updated to include the 2016 race! Generally considered the greatest test of endurance in sports, the Tour de France covers more than 2,200 miles in just over three weeks, climbing high into both the Alps and Pyrenees before ending on Paris’s iconic Champs-Élysées. This brand-new and updated edition gives an authoritative account of each major era up to and including the 2016 Tour with more than 300 photographs.


Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists

Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists is a radical strength-based training program aimed at increasing cycling speed, athletic longevity, and overall health in half the training time. Rather than improving endurance by riding longer distances, you’ll learn how to do it by reducing your riding time and adding heavy strength and power training. The Maximum Overload program uses weightlifting to create sustainable power and improved speed while drastically reducing training time. Backed by the most trusted authority in the sport, Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists is a book that no cyclist should be without.


Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 3rd Edition

In Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, Third Edition, world-champion racer Brian Lopes and renowned riding coach Lee McCormack share their elite perspectives, real-life race stories, and their own successful techniques to help riders of all styles and levels build confidence and experience the full exhiliration of the sport. Mastering Mountain Bike Skills is the best-selling guide for all mountain biking disciplines.



The Secret Race - Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France

The Secret Race is the book that rocked the world of professional cycling—and exposed, at long last, the doping culture surrounding the sport and its most iconic rider, Lance Armstrong. Former Olympic gold medalist Tyler Hamilton was once one of the world’s top-ranked cyclists—and a member of Lance Armstrong’s inner circle. The Secret Race is a courageous, groundbreaking act of witness from a man who is as determined to reveal the hard truth about his sport as he once was to win the Tour de France.


Mountains - Epic Cycling Climbs

In recent years, as cycling’s popularity has changed our cities, made us more active and taken us down less-traveled roads, the mountains of Europe have become the primary destination for everyday riders who want to challenge themselves and escape their everyday lives. This publication is for all who wish to be inspired by those challenges or celebrate those personal victories. Beautiful book, great photography and some great stories

Sports Books - FOOTBALL NFL

Tom Brady vs the NFL - The Case for Football's Greatest Quarterback

Showcasing one of professional football’s best players, this book spotlights the life and career of gridiron great Tom Brady. More than just a biography, it relates Brady’s story while also establishing his prominent place in NFL history. By examining his skills and statistics in a variety of categories and comparing him to other great quarterbacks, including Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Roger Staubach, Aaron Rodgers, and more this guide makes a strong case for Brady as football’s best caller.

Above the Line - Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Season

In only thirteen years as a head football coach Urban Meyer has established himself as one of the elite coaches in the annals of his sport, with three national championships and a cumulative record of 142 wins and only 26 losses. In Above the Line, Urban Meyer shares with readers OSU’s groundbreaking game plan. Packed with real life examples Above the Line offers wisdom and inspiration for taking control and turning setbacks into victories.


Lucky Bastard- My Life My Dad and the Things I'm Not Allowed to Say on TV

In this New York Times bestselling memoir, the announcer of the biggest sporting events in the country, including the 2017 Super Bowl and this century's Chicago Cubs winning World Series reveals why he is one lucky bastard. In his memoir, Joe takes us through his life on and off the field. He shares the lessons he learned from his father, the errors he made along the way, and the personal mountain he climbed and conquered.

QB- My Life Behind the Spiral - Steve Young

In this most candid and compelling sports memoir former San Francisco 49er, Super Bowl champion, NFL MVP, and Hall of Famer Steve Young gives readers an unprecedented and stunning inside look at what it takes to become a super elite professional quarterback. Steve Young produced some of the most memorable moments in NFL history, but his most impressive victories were personal ones that were won off the field when no one was watching.


Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Gold - 50 Years of the Big Game

Along with overviews of each championship, this deluxe gift book includes a ranking of every Super Bowl from worst to best, year by year game summaries and commentary from players on every winning and losing team. Bringing every Super Bowl back to life, Super Bowl Gold is essential for every football fan, no matter what team you support.

50 Years 50 Moments - Most Unforgettable Plays in Super Bowl History

Super Bowl MVP Jerry Rice has compiled his list of the most iconic, strategic, and record-breaking moments in football history. A Hall of Fame wide receiver who has played alongside and against some of the greatest players in the NFL, Jerry Rice, joined by accomplished sports researcher and journalist Randy O. Williams, draws on his knowledge and insight of the game to highlight remarkable moments from this great game.

Legends - The Best Players Games and Teams in Football

The ultimate look at the greatest sporting event in America, the Super Bowl, through its greatest quarterbacks, coaches, and highlight reel plays. Recounting momentous stories of football's past and present, and accompanied by iconic photos, Top Ten Lists to chew on and debate, and a Top 40-style Timeline of Key Moments, this comprehensive collection details twenty of the greatest Super Bowls in NFL history. From the upsets to the blowouts to the nail-biting finishes, this is the perfect book for young fans eager to kick off their football schooling.


 Sports Books - GOLF

Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die

This wonderful book showcases the world's best golf courses, as well as the personal favourites of players, course architects, and other experts in the sport of golf. Suitable for both keen golfers and armchair travellers, the book's breathtaking and gorgeous photographs capture the architecture and wonderful scenery that make each of these courses a standout for golf enthusiasts.

Fifty More Places to Play Golf Before You Die

In this new book Santella interviews 50 luminaries in the golf world about their favorite courses and experiences. Experts range from seasoned touring professionals, journalists and photographers to golf course architects and travel specialists. With breathtaking color photographs of each site, this is a great gift for avid golfers and armchair travelers alike.

Golf Digest's Ultimate Drill Book

In Golf Digest’s Ultimate Drill Book, Jim McLean includes 120 precision golf exercises to address a wide array of concerns. From tee shots to the short game, readers can customize practice sessions depending on their unique trouble spots. Revealing his time-tested tactics for overcoming pitfalls, golf guru Jim McLean revolutionizes the learning process with strategies for every aspect of the game.


Secrets of the Short Game Hardcover - Phil Mickelson

From 50 yards and in, no golfer in history has demonstrated more talent, flair, creativity and precision, or generated more raw excitement, than Phil Mickelson. In his first-ever instruction book, Mickelson explains in detail how to master every phase of the short game. Mickelson maintains that any golfer of average ability can become a deadly short-game player.

No golfer can afford to miss out on Mickelson′s secrets and tips.

Your Short Game Solution-Mastering the Finesse Game from 120 Yards

Supported by state-of-the-art motion analysis research, "short game guru to the pros" James Sieckmann unveils his "finesse wedge" swing - a proven and pragmatic way to learn, practice, and perform with each wedge in the bag in every situation -- and shows players that upgrading their short game is possible.

An easy-to-learn and easy-to-use system, Your Short Game Solution will be the go-to guide anywhere golf is played.

A Life Well Played - My Stories Hardcover - Arnold Palmer

In A Life Well Played, Palmer takes stock of the many experiences of his life, bringing new insights to some familiar stories and sharing new ones. This book is for Arnie's Army and all golf fans but it is more than just a golf book; Palmer had tremendous success off the course as well and is most notable for his exemplary sportsmanship and business success, while always giving back to the fans who made it all possible. His final book offers advice and guidance, sharing personal stories of his career on and off the course, as well as the great relationships that gave meaning to his life.

Men in Green

Men in Green is a big-hearted account of the sport’s greats, from the household names to the private legends, those behind the curtain giants who never made the headlines.

Michael Bamberger, who has covered the game for twenty years shows us the big names as we’ve never seen them before: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Curtis Strange, Fred Couples and the late Ken Venturi. But he also chronicles the legendary figures known only to insiders, who nevertheless have left an indelible mark on the sport.


Golf My Way - Jack Nicklaus _ The Instructional Classic, Revised and Updated 2005

Hailed as a classic and read everywhere golf is played, Golf My Way has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide since it was first published. Jack Nicklaus, golf's leading master, definitively covers the whole of his game through a lifetime of greatness. Golf My Way presents an all-inclusive, A-to-Z explanation of how this greatest of champions thinks about and plays the game.

How I Play Golf - Tiger Woods - Hardcover

In How I Play Golf Woods reveals the many facets of his game and offers a plethora of tips and advice aimed at all levels of play. Unlike most golf guides, How I Play Golf begins with the short game before moving onto swing mechanics and hitting off the tee. The book is lavishly photographed and illustrated and offers a gold mine of useful ideas and mental images Tiger has collected over the years.

Out of the Rough- Inside the Ropes with the World's Greatest Golfers

With 150 wins to his name, Steve Williams is one of the most successful caddies of the modern era working with some of the golfing world’s best including Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Raymond Floyd, Terry Gale, Ian Baker-Finch, and Adam Scott. In this candid book, Williams tells the stories of golf’s elite that you won’t hear anywhere else—the highs and lows of their careers, and the critical role of a caddie in both spots. Bold and entertaining, his story offers a rare insider’s view of the professional golfing world.

The Secret of Golf - The Story of Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus

The first time they met, at an exhibition match in 1967, Tom Watson was a seventeen-year-old high school student and Jack Nicklaus, at twenty-seven, was already the greatest golfer in the world.

Spanning from that first match through the “Duel in the Sun” at Turnberry in 1977 to Watson’s miraculous near-victory at Turnberry as he approached sixty, The Secret of Golf is Joe Posnanski’s intimate account of the most remarkable rivalry and eventual friendship in modern golf.



Sports Books - HOCKEY

99 Gretzky - His Game His Story

In this revealing, insightful, and definitive biography, Al Strachan takes readers on a most remarkable journey and details the life of Wayne Gretzky as it has never been told before. Based on thousands of hours of conversations with Gretzky, including new interviews, 99 details Gretzky's move to L.A., his role as player and coach for Canada Cup and Olympic teams, and career highlights such as his greatest goal and greatest game. Gretzky also discusses with Strachan the challenges in his career.

99- Stories of the Game - Wayne Gretzky

From minor-hockey phenomenon to Hall of Fame sensation, Wayne Gretzky rewrote the record books, his accomplishments becoming the stuff of legend. Dubbed “The Great One,” he is considered by many to be the greatest hockey player who ever lived. No one has seen more of the game than he has—but he has never discussed in depth just what it was he saw.

Warm, direct, and revelatory, it is a book that gives us number 99, the man and the player, like never before.

Orr My Story - Bobby Orr

One of the greatest sports figures of all time breaks his silence in a memoir as unique as the man himself. Bobby Orr is often referred to as the greatest ever to play the game of hockey. From 1966 through the mid-seventies, he could change a game just by stepping on the ice. No defenseman had ever played the way he did, or received so many trophies, or set so many records, several of which still stand today. Orr: My Story is more than a book about hockey. It is about the making of a man.

The Boys of Winter

The untold story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team, a blue collar bunch led by an unconventional coach. Their “Miracle on Ice” has become a national fairy tale, but the real Cinderella story is even more remarkable. Wayne Coffey casts a fresh eye on this seminal sports event, giving readers an ice-level view of the amateurs who took on a Russian hockey juggernaut at the height of the Cold War. old with warmth and an uncanny eye for detail, The Boys of Winter is an intimate, perceptive portrayal of one Friday night in Lake Placid and the enduring power of the extraordinary.

A Guy Like Me - Fighting to Make the Cut

The John Scott story is the ultimate underdog narrative in sports during 2016 when Scott, in the twilight of his career, went from a joke All Star fan voted nominee to scoring two goals and winning the All Star Game’s MVP title. This is his heartwarming story about an average Joe who became a sports superhero overnight. This is his personal memoir—detailing his life growing up and how he was able to keep his sense of humor and become the ultimate Cinderella-Story of hockey.

Mr Hockey My Story - Gordie Howe

Known as Mr. Hockey, he led the Detroit Red Wings to four Stanley Cups and is the only player to have competed in the league in five different decades. In Mr. Hockey, the man widely recognized as the greatest all-around player the sport has ever seen tells the story of his incredible life




Sports Books - Skiing & Snowboarding


Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die

Fifty Places to Ski and Snowboard Before You Die, the 10th book in the popular Fifty Places series, takes readers to some of the world’s most inspiring skiing/snowboarding destinations. Santella provides readers with the gorgeous scenery, the glamorous ambiance, and the always thrilling experience of visiting mountains from the Alps to the Rockies.



Powder- The Greatest Ski Runs on the Planet

Powder is the definitive guide to the world's top ski and snowboard locations.Whether you're a serious skier or a novice who's never put on skis in your life, this book will thrill and inspire. With stunning photography and all the information you could need to plan the perfect trip, Powder is the ultimate bucket list for any snow sports enthusiast, challenging beginners and experts alike to take on the most breathtaking runs the world has to offer



All-Mountain Skier - The Way to Expert Skiing

The All-Mountain Skier helps skiers advance their skills with a foolproof, self-instructional program for mastering advanced techniques in even the most challenging conditions. Drawing from his extensive experience as a ski professional, instructor Mark Elling delivers essential advice and information­­ including tips from other expert skiers ­­to help readers perform like pros.



Mastering Snowboarding

Olympic gold medalist and X Games champion Hannah Teter teams up with expert snowboard writer Tawnya Schultz to bring you the techniques and tricks used by the pros. They’ll take you inside the sport and provide in-depth coverage of snowboarding equipment, including how to select and customize a board to fit your style and needs. Packed with the coolest tricks, expert advice, and secrets from the pros, this full-color guide is the only resource you need in order to own the slopes.



Total Skiing

Author and renowned ski instructor Chris Fellows shares his proven pyramid program for assessing skills and creating your skiing profile. Step by step, you’ll identify exercises to enhance those skills and create a personal training program to improve functional movement, , ski-specific fitness, essential ski techniques, and tactics for performance on all terrains. Total Skiing also includes sample programs for each skier type that offers guidance from preseason to postseason with dry-land and on-snow drills for foundational, intermediate, and advanced performance solutions.


Ultimate Skiing

Ultimate Skiing, will help you master the mechanics of great skiing as never before—explaining how it's done, showing how it looks, and describing how it feels. LeMaster has made Ultimate Skiing a comprehensive manual on ski technique. Learn how skis interact with the snow and how best to manipulate your skis, boots, and poles on the steepest slopes, in monster mogul fields, and through the deepest powder. Technique tips and kinesthetic cues help translate the sensation of each movement.



Sports Books - SOCCER


The Flea - The Amazing Story of Leo Messi

The captivating story of soccer legend Lionel Messi, from his first touch at age five in the streets of Rosario, Argentina, to his first goal on the Camp Nou pitch in Barcelona, Spain. The Flea tells the amazing story of a boy who was born to play the beautiful game and destined to become the world's greatest soccer player. A great story that is well written making it an easy read while providing all the background and insight into this amazing soccer super star. Suitable for both kids and adults.



Messi Neymar and Suarez -The Barcelona Trio - World Soccer Legends

Lionel Messi, an attacking genius and longtime player on FC Barcelona, is widely recognized as one of the greatest soccer players in history. When the emerging Brazilian talent Neymar joined him in 2013, they became known as the Invincible Duo. Then, when the colorful Luis Suárez joined their roster the following year, the most unbeatable attacking unit in history had been created. Together, they have scored a record number of goals, and has proven that their strategic unit outshines each player on his own.


Why Soccer Matters - Pele

A Look at More Than Sixty Years of International Soccer. The greatest player of all time was Pelé. During his 20 year career, he was heralded as an international treasure, and his accomplishments on the field proved to be pure magic. An unprecedented 3 World Cup championships and the all time scoring record of 1,283 goals. Now the legendary star and humanitarian explores the sport’s recent history and provides new insights into the game. With unparalleled openness, he shares his most inspiring experiences, heartwarming stories, and hard-won wisdom. This is Pelé’s legacy.


I Am Zlatan- My Story On and Off the Field

Daring, flashy, innovative, volatile—no matter what they call him, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of soccer’s brightest stars. A top-scoring striker and captain of the Swedish national team, he has dominated the world’s most storied teams, including Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain. But his life wasn’t always so charmed. Told as only the man himself could tell it, featuring stories of friendships and feuds with the biggest names in the sport, I Am Zlatan is a wrenching, uproarious, and ultimately redemptive tale for underdogs everywhere.


When Nobody Was Watching - Carli Lloyd - My Hard-Fought Journey

In 2015, the U.S .Women’s National Soccer Team won its first FIFA championship in sixteen years, culminating in an epic final game that electrified soccer fans around the world. It featured a gutsy, brilliant performance by team captain and midfielder Carli Lloyd, who made history that day, scoring a hat trick—three goals in one game—during the first sixteen minutes. This candid memoir will take readers inside the women's national team and inside the head of an athlete who willed herself to perform at the highest levels of competition.


Forward - A Memoir - Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach has always pushed the limits of what is possible. At age 7 she was put on the boys’ soccer team. At age 35 she would become the highest goal scorer—male or female—in the history of soccer, capturing the nation’s heart with her team’s 2015 World Cup Championship. With stunning candor, Abby shares her inspiring and often brutal journey from girl in Rochester, New York, to world-class athlete. Far more than a sports memoir, Forward is gripping tale of resilience and redemption.



Breakaway - Beyond the Goal - Alex Morgan

Get inspired to be your best in sports and life with this uplifting memoir from star soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA World Cup champion Alex Morgan that includes eight pages of full color photos. As a talented and successful female athlete, Alex Morgan is a role model to thousands of girls who want to be their best, not just in soccer, but in life. The story of her path to success, from playing in the 2011 Women’s World Cup, to winning gold in the 2012 London Olympics, to ranking as one of the National Team’s top scorers—will inspire everyone who reads it.


Soccer IQ- Things That Smart Players Do- Vol 1

Soccer iQ is the first book for soccer PLAYERS! In a world saturated with books about how to coach soccer, Dan Blank finally gives players a book on how to think it. Blank tells his story from the familiar and humorous voice of a coach who has endured years of stress at the hands of his players. Written in plain-spoken language, Soccer iQ is an easy read and a quick-fix to the most common yet critically important soccer problems. Includes a bonus chapter on the college recruiting process.



The Fall of the House of FIFA

The Multimillion-Dollar Corruption at the Heart of Global Soccer Hardcover – June 20, 2017 David Conn writes the definitive account of FIFA's rise and fall, covering in great detail the corruption allegations and the series of scandals that continued to shake the public's trust in the organization. Features an exclusive interview with former president Sepp Blatter. Even as he chronicles the biggest sport scandal of all time, Conn infuses the book with a passionate love of the game, delivering an irresistible read.



Soccer Smarts for Kids - 60 Skills Strategies and Secrets

The only soccer book for players ages 11 to 15 combining expert advice with essential soccer techniques for improving their skills. As a youth soccer coach for more than twenty years, Coach Andrew Latham sets kids up for success in Soccer Smarts for Kids with his no-fluff, easy-to-understand strategies and cover-to-cover tips―from goal setting and staying fit to pre-game prep and mental motivation. Coach Latham preps young players to be their best by sharing soccer secrets, exercises, and tricks for kids to develop their skills on the field.



Sports Books - Squash & Racquetball


Jahangir Khan 555

The Untold Story Behind Squash's Invincible Champion and Sport’s Greatest Unbeaten Run. From 1981 to 1986, Pakistani squash great Jahangir Khan went undefeated to herald the longest unbeaten run in world sport until his streak came to an end at the 1986 World Championships. This book dissects his early upbringing, how the 17 year-old embarked on the 5 year run following the tragic death of his brother, the pressure he faced to succeed from an expectant Pakistani nation and the extent his rivals went to even to win a game off this remarkable squash genius


The Science of Sport - Squash

Essential reading for students, coaches, performers, physiotherapists, club doctors and professional support staff working in sport. This book offers scientific research and athlete testimonials to show that squash is one of the most physically demanding, mentally draining, and tactically challenging sports in the world. Success in this sport requires extreme levels of fitness, optimal and specific strength, relentless psychological toughness, intelligent tactical prowess, and sublime technical proficiency.



Championship Racquetball

Take your game to the next level with Championship Racquetball—the most comprehensive guide for mastering the skills, tactics, and strategies of today’s game. Renowned coach and hall of famer Fran Davis teams up with racquetball legend and top-ranked player Jason Mannino to share their expertise and secrets on every aspect of the sport—from mastering the skills to recognizing weaknesses and establishing the strategies that will dominate your opponent during match play.



Winning Racquetball - Skills Drills and Strategies

Whether you're a competitive tournament player or a recreational player, Winning Racquetball will help you improve your game. The authors veteran instructor Ed Turner and #9-ranked professional racquetball player Woody Clouse show you all the shots and strategies for success on the court. And you'll see them from the objective eye of an instructor and the keen competitive eye of a touring professional. Using more than 140 photos and illustrations, the authors provide practical tips from the beginning through to the advanced players including drills for each level.



Sports Books - TENNIS


Open - An Autobiography - Andre Agassi

#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER Far more than a superb memoir about the highest levels of professional tennis, Open is the engrossing story of a remarkable life. By the age of twenty-two Agassi had won the first of his eight grand slams and achieved wealth, celebrity, and the game’s highest honors. Agassi writes about his early success and his uncomfortable relationship with fame, his marriage to Brooke Shields, his growing interest in philanthropy, and the highs and lows of his celebrated career.




Coached by his uncle Toni from the age of four and taught humility and respect by his parents, Nadal has managed to become a acclaimed global celebrity while remaining a gracious, hardworking role model for people in all walks of life. Now he takes us behind the scenes, including winning the Wimbledon 2008 final, described by John McEnroe as "the greatest game of tennis" he had ever seen. With candor and intelligence, Nadal brings readers on his dramatic and triumphant journey, never losing sight of the prize he values above all others: the unity and love of his family.


Fedegraphica- A Graphic Biography of the Genius of Roger Federer

FEDERER is universally recognised as the greatest tennis player of all time as well as one of sport's most iconic and popular figures. Drawing on his conversations with Federer and exclusive interviews with those close to the Swiss, Mark Hodgkinson tells the story of how a young hothead from Basel transformed himself into a calm and poised athlete who came to dominate tennis. Federer's genius is explored and celebrated with beautiful infographics, stunning photography and insight and analysis from Federer's rivals, idols, coaches and members of his inner circle.


Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal- Lives and Careers of Two Tennis Legends

Since 2004 Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have dominated men's tennis . Both legendary in their own right. Nadal is the winner of 14 Grand Slam titles, including 5 consecutive French Open singles titles and is the only player ever to win a Grand Slam for 10 straight years. Federer has spent over 300 weeks of his career ranked as the number one player in the world and has won 17 Grand Slam titles and 2 Olympic medals. But neither player's career would have been nearly as successful without the decade long rivalry that pushed them to excel to the peak of tennis excellence.


But Seriously - John McEnroe - June 27 - 2017

Fifteen years after his international number-one bestseller You Cannot Be Serious, John McEnroe is back and ready to talk.Now the undisputed elder statesman of tennis, McEnroe has won over his critics as a brilliant commentator at the US Open, Wimbledon, and other Grand Slam tournaments - with outspoken views on the modern game, its top players, and the world of 21st century sport and celebrity. In But Seriously, John McEnroe confronts his demons and reveals his struggle to reinvent himself from champion and tennis legend to father, broadcaster, and author.


The Inner Game of Tennis - The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance

The Inner Game of Tennis is a revolutionary program for overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep a player from winning. Now available in a revised paperback edition, this classic bestseller can change the way the game of tennis is played. Simply put, Timothy Gallwey writes that we should trust of bodies to do what they already know how to do, without all the judgement, self coaching and self criticism that so many players do.


String Theory - David Foster Wallace on Tennis

Gathered for the first time in a deluxe collector's edition, here are David Foster Wallace's legendary writings on tennis, written with a competitor's insight and a fan's obsessive enthusiasm. Wallace brings his dazzling literary magic to the game he loved as he celebrates the other-worldly genius of Roger Federer; offers a wickedly witty disection of Tracy Austin's memoir; considers the artistry of Michael Joyce, a supremely disciplined athlete on the threshold of fame; resists the crush of commerce at the U.S. Open; and recalls his own career as a "near-great" junior player.


Winning Ugly - Mental Warfare in Tennis-Lessons from a Master

The tennis classic from Olympic gold medalist and ESPN analyst Brad Gilbert, now featuring a new introduction with tips drawn from the strategies of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Andy Murray, and more, to help you outthink and outplay your toughest opponents. Gilbert uses his inside access to analyze current stars showing readers how to beat better players without playing better tennis. Written with clarity and wit, this classic manual for the tennis court has become the bible of tennis instruction books for countless players worldwide