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Fishing Rods

Best Sellers in Fishing Rods

The majority of fishing rods are today made from fibreglass, graphite or a combination both, with fibreglass being the most popular fishing rods being sold today. They are available in various lengths, weight and taper which is also described as action.

Fibreglass fishing rods are tough, light and withstand a lot of treatment which other fishing rods could not. The weight of the fishing rods are classified as heavy, medium, light or ultra light.

For the beginner or novice you will probably find that you are better of going with light or medium weight spinning rods with a medium taper action.





Slow Action Fishing Rods

Slow action fishing rods have a soft action and arc right through to the base of the rod.



Redington Butter Stick 3 Piece Rod with Tube

# Freshwater

# Fiberglass

# Cork Handle # Sliding Reel Seat Rings

Customer Review Rating 3.9



St. Croix Triumph 6' Spinning Rod, TRS60MLF

#Graphite Reel Seat

#Cork Handle

# Wt: 4-10 Lure Wt: â…›-½ Rod Wt: 3.4

# Customer  Review Rating 5.0



Tica FLEA Fly Casting Fishing Rod

# Fiberglass

#Walnut Reel Seat

#Stainless Steel Keeper # 2 Piece

# Customer Review Rating 4.5



Sage Circa Fly Rod 589-4 (4pc, 5wt, 8'9")

#Fuji ceramic stripper guides

#Advanced slow action

#4pc, 5wt,8'9"

# Customer Review Rating 5.0



Medium Action Fishing Rods

Medium action fishing rods arc or curve down to the centre of the rod.



Shakespeare Two-Piece Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Spinning Rod

# 2-piece

# 6'6" M action

# Exclusive "Ugly Back" 60-day/5-year warranty

# Customer Review Rating 4.2



Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 Spinning Rod

# One piece or two piece

# Available in 5 different lengths and weights

# Customer Review Rating 4.2




Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

One piece or two piece

# 17 options from ultra light to medium heavy

# Customer Review Rating 4.5




Sage Approach 590-4 Fly Rod (9'0", 5wt, 4pc)

#Smooth, medium-fast action

#Sage Rod & Reel Case

#Lifetime Warranty

# Customer Review Rating 5.0



Fast Action Fishing Rods

Fast action fishing rods have more than half of the rod rigid with the bend only in the top third of the rod.




Fiblink Graphite Heavy Casting Saltwater Baitcasting Fishing Rod

#7'6" heavy

#Line weight:13~20lb

#Lure weight: 1/2~1-5/8 oz

# Customer Review Rating 3.9



JOHNCOO 7' Carbon Baitcasting M Tip Lightweight Fishing Rod

#Lightweight 2 piece portable

#Line wgt 7-17lbs # Lure wgt 1/4-3/4 oz  

# Customer Review Rating 5.0




Duckett Fishing Ghost Cast Medium/Heavy Rod

#Fast action fishing rod

# Available in lengths of 6'8", 7' and 7'3"

# Customer Review Rating 5.0




Duckett Fishing Ghost Cast Extra Heavy Rod with Extra Fast Action 7'6

#Super lightweight and stronger for increased sensitivity

#Comfortable Grip

# Customer Review Rating 5.0





Fishing rods vary in length with typical estuary or freshwater spinning rods measuring approximately 6 to 7 foot. If you are fishing in the ocean or from the beach, rocks or shore you would need longer fishing rods.

Spinning fishing rods are by far the most popular. They are very easy to use and are suited to all forms of freshwater and saltwater fishing.

There is one important rule when purchasing fishing rods and fishing reels separately. They must match up otherwise the fishing rods casting ability is reduced.





Fishing Reels

Best Sellers in Fishing Reels

Fishing reels are mounted on the fishing rods and are designed to store the fishing line, retrieve the fishing line, release the fishing line and help fight the fish.

The most common fishing reels used today are spinning, sidecast, and overhead. Spinning fishing reels are the most versatile ,  easy to use and most popular of all the fishing reels. They come in a range of sizes from small ultra light models to the larger heavier models.

The smaller spinning fishing reels are the most popular for freshwater and light saltwater fishing. They are generally used for casting baits and small lures and for trolling with small lures. Middle weight fishing reels are used for light beach and rock fishing where as the larger size fishing reels are used for longer casting beach and rock fishing.

Popular Fishing Gear - FISHING REELS

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel - CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body

# Multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing for smooth immediate drag engagement.

# Solid & Lightweight # Corrosion Resistance # Three Year Warranty

# Mid-Arbor Design - Reducing line memory while also facilitating lightning-quick line pickup.

# Customer Review Rating 4.7


Pflueger President Spinning Reel

# Graphite Body and Rotor - Lightweight graphite reel construction

# Braid Ready Spool - Allows braid to be tied directly to spool Stainless Steel/Oil Felt Drag - Consistent drag pressure, and corrosion resistant

# Aluminum Handle - Aircraft grade aluminum, extreme durability

# Customer Review Rating 4.7


KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel

# Low profile design bait caster with a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve.

# Precision cut brass gear structure and carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5 LBs of drag offer the ultimate in a high performance low maintenance baitcasting reel package.

# 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings for super smooth casting, retrieve, and long life.

# Customer Review Rating 4.4


Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

# Durable, high-range spinning reel ideal for conquering big saltwater gamefish.

 # HT-100 carbon fiber drag system provides powerful drag without sacrificing smoothness Fluid cranking with 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing

# Full metal body, sideplate, and rotor and heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

# Braid ready, and has line capacity rings marked at 1/3, 2/3, and full capacity

# Customer Review Rating 4.7


KastKing Mela II Spinning Reel - New for 2017!

# 10 + 1 corrosion resistant deep-race smooth ball bearings, instant stop anti-reverse, CNC machined aluminum handle and exquisite aluminum spool, plus a spare graphite spool, and up to 26 LB/ 12KG carbon fiber max drag power!

# Amazing aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb design spool gives you strength and light weight. Mela II spinning reels are equipped with: precision brass gears, hardened metal main shaft, triple disc carbon drag washers, and interchangeable right or left hand CNC machined aluminum handle.

# Customer Review Rating 4.2

Penn Fierce II Spinning Reel

# Full Metal Body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads

# Techno-Balanced rotor gives smooth retrieves

# 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings #Anti-Reverse bearing

# Customer Review Rating 4.6 

KastKing Sharky II Spinning Reel with Carbon fiber Drag

# 10 + 1 corrosion resistant MaxiDur bearings, increased strength precision mesh brass gears, and stainless-steel shaft

# New designed CNC aluminum spool with better line-lay and more line capacity features lube retention grooves for longer life and smooth, fluid yet powerful operation.

# Amazing water intrusion resistance system, sealed rubber o-ring spool, shielded one-way clutch, creative body lube retention grooves.  # Customer Review Rating 4.3

PENN Spinfisher V Spinning Reel

# Sealed HT-100 Slammer drag system provides robust, silky-smooth drag, while friction trip ramp prevents premature bail trip when casting

# Fluid cranking with 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing

# Durable construction with full metal body, sideplate, and rotor and heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

# Customer Review Rating 4.5

2017 Daiwa BG Spinning Reels

# Complete series ranges from ultralight freshwater actions to heavy big game saltwater models

# Black Anodized Machined Aluminum Housing (Hard Bodyz Body & Side Cover) - Over-size

# 3 - Bearing Count: 6+1 - Braid Capacity (Yards/lbs): 220/8, 130/10, 100/15 - Mono Capacity (Yards/

6:1 - Retrieve Rate: 28

# Customer Review Rating 4.7\


Sougayilang L/R Interchangeable Collapsible Handle Spinning Reel

# Reel With 5.2:1/5.1:1 Gear Ratio 12+1Ball Bearings ,CNC Machine Cut Metal Collapsible Handle, Left/Right Interchangeable . Great Power And Sensitivity.

# Fully Adjustable Cast Control With Sound.S-Curve Oscillation System For Very Good Line Winding .Aluminum Spool With High-Tensile Gear.

# Light Weight And Portable, Easily Fits In Fishing Box, Boat Hatch Or Backpack.

# Various Sizes Available For Freshwater  & Saltwater Fishing . # Customer Review Rating 4.5


Spooling Station

Piscifun Professional Portable Spooling Station Fishing Reel Line Spooler and Winder



Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Sellers in Fishing Rod and Reel Combos



Fishing rod and reel combos come with the fishing reels already matched and attached to the fishing rods. This takes all the guess work out of trying to match up the rod and reel. Some fishing combos come with the fishing line already attached meaning all you need is the terminal tackle and you are ready to go.



 Popular Fishing Gear - FISHING ROD & REEL COMBOS


Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo

# Fishing rod and reel combo ideal for anglers of all skill levels

# Graphite and fiberglass construction offers lightweight durability and sensitivity

# 3 ball bearings plus a one-way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing ensure smooth operation

# Clear Tip design delivers added responsiveness and strength

# Customer Review Rating 4.1

PLUSINNO Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Telescopic

# Full kit is special made for novice, including nessary accessories for fishing

# Perfect elasticity, high density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make your fishing pole hard & durable.

# Instant anti-reverse; Power drive gear equipped for high strength.

# Large spool and large line capacity.Gear ratio: 5.2:1. # Customer Review Rating 4.2

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Reel Combo Carbon Telescopic

# Fishing rod is made from top grade carbon fiber, strong and durable,99% carbon body, Piano porcelain

# Colorful guide rings,beautiful and high quality ,have six size(1.8m,2.1m,2.4m,2.7m,3.0m,3.6m)

# 2000,3000,4000,5000 Series, 13+1 pieces of ball bearing plus one-way clutch, gear ratio 5.2/5.5:1.

# Six sizes to choose from ( 1.8m,2.1m,2.4m,2.7m,3.0m,3.6m )

# Customer Review Rating 4.6

PENN Pursuit II Fishing Rod & Spinning Reel Combo

# Lightweight, ultrasensitive rod with graphite composite construction and stainless steel guides

# Fluid cranking with 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing

# Durable reel construction with graphite body, aluminum sideplate, and graphite rotor

# Oiled felt drag system offers considerable drag pressure without sacrificing smoothness

# Customer Review Rating 4.2


PENN Fierce II Combo

# Rod & Reel combo unites a smooth-operating spinning reel with a durable, ultrasensitive fishing rod

# Featuring a full metal body and packed with fish-fighting features, the spin reel offers robust performance at a fantastic value.

# The reel's Techno-Balanced rotor ensures smooth drag pressure and rapid line retrieval

# Constructed from graphite composite blanks and equipped with aluminum oxide guides

# Customer Review Rating 4.3

KastKing Combo Spinning Travel Fishing Rod Combo

# The best-selling Mela Spinning Reel with the bestselling KastKing® Blackhawk travel rod

# Mela reels have 10 + 1 corrosion resistant deep-race smooth ball bearings, instant stop anti-reverse, CNC machined aluminum handle and exquisite aluminum spool, plus a spare graphite spool, and up to 26 LB/ 12KG carbon fiber max drag power.

# KastKing® BlackHawk Telescopic Travel Rods feature 3-point welded stainless steel guides with ceramic inserts for use with braided or mono fishing line  # Customer Review Rating 4.3

Sougayilang Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

# High density Carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass make fishing pole hard & durable

# Durable fishing rod reel seat with all metal material fishing reel,

# Fully adjustable cast control with sound.S-curve oscillation system

# Including: Fishing combos: telescopic fishing rod and the spinning fishing reel, suit for left and right hand.

# Customer Review Rating 3.8

Abu Garcia Pro Max Spinning Combo

# Full Metal Body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads

# Techno-Balanced rotor gives smooth retrieves

# 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings

# Instant Anti-Reverse bearing #Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire

# Customer Review Rating 3.9

Shakespeare Medium Action Ugly Stik Bigwater Combo

# Spinning Combo with 3 Rod and Reel options.

# Dependable mutli-disc drag system

# Two-piece M action Ugly Stik rod

# Genuine Fuji guides and reel seat

# Customer Review Rating 3.9

Orvis Encounter 5-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit

# Orvis Encounter Complete 4-Piece Outfit

# The included rod is Orvis' entry level Encounter fly rod, which has a smooth action and comfortable cork handle to help novice anglers pin down their casting technique, and it comes set up with a composite reel with a stainless steel disc drag.

# The reel can be converted to either a left- or right-handed retrieve and is pre-spooled with a weight-forward fly line and leader.

Customer Review Rating 4.4



Fishing Line

Best Sellers in Fishing Line

When purchasing fishing line the main choices to consider are breaking strain and thickness, colour and abrasion resistance.

The breaking strain of a fishing line means the maximum weight it can hold before breaking.


A thicker fishing line is more abrasion resistant and generally used by game fisherman to fight the bigger fish. A thinner fishing line has the advantage of being able to be cast further, hold more line on the fishing reel and is much harder for the fish to see.



Fishing lines come in a variety of colours with neutral colours probably being the best due to the fact that they are less visible to the fish.

The hardness of the fishing line will affect its abrasion resistance which especially helps rock fishermen.




 Popular Fishing Gear - FISHING LINES


Piscifun Sword Weight Forward Floating Fly Fishing Line - Welded Loop

# WF3 4 5 6 7 8wt 90 100FT

# 6 Options

# Excellent Fly Line, Casts Well

# Customer Review Rating 4.6



KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line

# Superior Mono Nylon Material

# Tournament Grade

# Abrasion Resistant

# Customer Review Rating 4.5



KastKing Fortis Braided Fishing Lines

# New & Improved

# Thinner, Yet Stronger

# Fade Resistant

# Customer Review Rating 4.7



Fishingsir Super Strong Stealth Braided Fishing Line

# Superior Abrasion Resistance

# High Sensitivity

# Varying Diameters

# Customer Review Rating 4.8



Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

# Ultra-strong

# Diameters (0.005" - 0.035")

# Lengths (150-3000 yds)

# Customer Review Rating 4.5



KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

# Abrasion Resistant

# Zero Stretch # Smaller Diameter

# High Sensitivity #

Customer Review Rating 4.5



Piscifun Braided Fishing Line 150yards 300yards 547yards

# Abrasion Resistance

# Highly Sensitivity and Zero Stretch

# 10LB-150LB

# Customer Review Rating 4.4



Seaguar Blue Label 25 Yards Fluorocarbon Leader

# Double Structure Fluorocarbon

# 100 Fluorocarbon Leader

# 2LB-80LB

# Customer Review Rating 4.7



Seaguar Red Label Fishing Line

# 200 Yard Spool

# Weights 4LB - 20LB

# Good abrasion resistance

# Customer Review Rating 4.4




Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

# Color-Lock coating technology

-# Casts farther, lasts longer

# Customer Review Rating 4.4



Lures, Baits & Attractants

Best Sellers in Fishing Lures Baits and Attractants



Fishing Terminal Tackle

Best Sellers in Fishing Tackle


Fishing tackle, also known as terminal tackle, is best described as the fishing gear that is attached to the end of the fishing line. For example, Hooks, swivels, sinkers, floats and bite indicators.



A device used for catching fish . A hook is attached to the end of the fishing line which enables the fisherman catch the fish. The hooks are designed to hold different types of bait either artificial or dead such as worms. For the casual or weekend fisherman, the majority of fishing situations would be covered by the hook sizes between number 12 and 12/0.



A weight attached to the fishing line to force the bait or lure to sink more quickly and to increase the distance that it may be cast. In many situations the sinkers role is to maintain contact with the bottom , but not to anchor the bait in that position.

The majority of sinkers are made of lead with the choice of weight depending on the situation. Generally speaking, the lighter the sinker the better the result.

Bite Indicators & Floats

Exactly what the name indicates. Normally a float which sits on top of the water and gives an indication that something is happening at the end of the line. They also help to keep the bait suspended at the desired depth.



A length of nylon or wire that connects the lure or hook to the fishing line. The function of the trace is to prevent breaks to the main fishing line. They are generally 8 to 15 inches long.



The swivel has three functions- to prevent the fishing line twisting, to enable the attachment of a trace and to stop the float or sinker slipping down on to the hook. There are different types of swivels, but generally speaking the lighter the fishing line the smaller the swivel.



Tackle Storage or Boxes

Best Sellers in Fishing Tackle Storage



Fishing tackle boxes are used to store the majority of the fishing gear. The boxes consist of small storage boxes and pockets which separate all the different types of terminal tackle and tools.



Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access

# Two Cantilever Trays

# 14 to 25 Compartments

# Collapsible Handle

# Customer Review Rating 4.6



Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

# Two and Three Trays Boxes

# 132 pieces of assorted tackle

# Customer Review Rating 4.0





Plano Angled Tackle System

# Boxes at 15 degree angle

# 3 Stowaway utility boxes

#DuraView covers

# Customer Review Rating 4.4


Wild River Tackle Bag Box Backpack with Four PT3600 Trays

# Integrated LED light

# Storage of up to 4 medium

#3600-style trays

# Customer Review Rating 4.6



Ready 2 Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag

# Waterproof  # 8 external pockets

# Adjustable shoulder strap

# Hook and lure organization # Insulated strong-box bag

# Customer Review Rating 4.2





Fishing Tools & Maintenance Equipment

Best Sellers in Fishing Tools & Maintenance Equipment

There is a wide range of Fishing Tools & Maintenance Equipment that are available to assist in the everyday life of the fisherman. Some of the most popular fishing gear tools are as follows.



Happy Fishing